Boating trips on the River Hron

A special offer has been made for boating trips in cooperation with a Dutch partner camping & apartment BOERENHOF in Brezno – Rohozna and for the guest from the camping & apartment BOERENHOF. This offer is only valid on working days, i.e. on Monday to Friday.

You can choose from two routes:

  • Nemecka – Mlyncok, ca. 10 km (2-3 hours), price: 5.- €/person
  • Nemecka – Salkova, ca. 20 km (5-6 hours), price: 10.- €/person

The price for these services includes a complete paddler’s equipment, instructions, and local transport.

We recommend you to book the boating trip over the phone in advance!!!

And this is how the boating trip is made…
The boating trip on the Hron is an all-day sporting activity in the open so you should count on a certain energy expenditure in the natural environment. The boating trip always starts at the Nemecka roadside restaurant where we meet at the agreed time. The actual boating trip starts after instructions have been given and preparations made. You will give us a call on the designated place so that the paddlers‘ taxi could wait for you in the boating trip destination. Over there, you will get into the van and return back to Nemecka.

Level of difficulty and navigability of the Hron
Boating trips on the Hron are suitable for everyone, even for beginners and families with children. The boats used by us are very stabile and easily navigable. It is our requirement that every holiday-maker uses a life jacket. The boating trip on the Hron is a sporting activity on the flowing water. Apart from a sporting spirit needed for this boating trip, you needn’t attain to any sport performance category, even children can manage the trip with their physical abilities.

Safe parking during the boating trips on the Hron
Our holiday-makers are provided with free parking in front of and behind the roadside restaurant. The parking lot is monitored by camera systems. A safe lock-up is available to bikers and cyclists; it is surveilled by cameras, too.

Boats and equipment


The bookings of boating trips are made by Mrs. Monika Kolarova on the phone No. +421 915 505 018 in German. During the trip you will be taken care of the staff communicating mainly in English.

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