Boating trips on the River Hron

We have been organizing boating trips on the upper River Hron (Brezno – Sliac) since 1999 which means we are the oldest provider of this service in Slovakia. Boating trips on the River Hron, including passenger transport, perhaps even accommodation and catering, is provided to holiday-makers on a daily basis, from the early spring till the late autumn. It is a full service for paddlers, starting from material support (boats, paddles, and accessories), through passenger and boat transport up to a safe parking.

Organized boating trips on the River Hron are offered in the following options:

  • a one-day trip
  • a weekend-trip
  • an evening trip

The price for these services includes a complete paddler’s equipment, instruction, and preferential services of a paddlers‘ taxi on the Hron (an escort van). Upon agreement, services of a watersports instructor are available. Catering and accommodation (not included in the price of the boating trip) can be mediated upon demand.

Weekend boating trip on the Hron
As indicated by its name, the weekend (or two-day)  boating trip on the Hron is organized mainly at weekends, or during the week as requested. Holiday-makers arrive on Friday evening or on Saturday morning and cover ca. 40 to 50 river kilometres in two days. There are two route options, depending on the current water level. If the water level is lower, the boating trip is made from Nemecka to Sliac. If the water level is higher, the route from Brezno to Sliac is covered.

One-day boating trip on the Hron
One-day boating trips on the Hron are organized daily between Nemecka – Salková, i.e. ca. 21 km. The trip starts between 8:30am and 11:00am in Nemecka and ends in Salkova (a borough in Banska Bystrica town) after approx. five hours of boating. The most attractive 21 km stretch of the Hron is covered by boat. You will be driven back to Nemecka by a minibus when the trip is over.

Evening boating trip on the Hron
The evening boating trip on the Hron is a complementary service. It does not mean that the trip is made when it is dark. It starts daily at ca. 4:00pm between Nemecka and Mlyncok, i.e. it is ca. 10 km long.

Boating trips on the Hron – Price list:

  • a weekend boating trip on the Hron – 25,- €/person
  • a one-day boating trip on the Hron, on working days – 10.- €/person
  • a one-day boating trip on the Hron, at weekends and on public holidays – 15.- €/person
  • an evening boating trip on the Hron, on working days – 5.- €/person
  • an evening boating trip on the Hron, at weekends and on public holidays – 7.- €/person
  • services of a watersports instructor – 30.- €/day

The price includes:
a complete paddler’s equipment, local transport, crash course in brilliance, and free parking

The price does not include:
catering, accommodation, watersports instructor’s services, insurance

And this is how the boating trip is made…
The boating trip on the Hron is an all-day sporting activity in the open so you should count on a certain energy expenditure in the natural environment. The boating trip always starts at the Nemecka roadside restaurant where we meet at the agreed time. The actual boating trip starts after instructions have been given and preparations made. You will give us a call on the designated place so that the paddlers‘ taxi could wait for you in the boating trip destination. Over there, you will get into the van and return back to Nemecka.

Level of difficulty and navigability of the Hron
Boating trips on the Hron are suitable for everyone, even for beginners and families with children. The boats used by us are very stabile and easily navigable. It is our requirement that every holiday-maker uses a life jacket. The boating trip on the Hron is a sporting activity on the flowing water. Apart from a sporting spirit needed for this boating trip, you needn’t attain to any sport performance category, even children can manage the trip with their physical abilities.

The accommodation during boating trips on the Hron is provided by a partner roadside restaurant in Nemecka. This facility can only serve a limited number of participants. Since 2014, this restaurant also runs the Hradisko boarding house, just 4 km away, in the Sviniarka cottage area above the Nemecka village. It is an agreeable boarding house with catering, a bar, sporting facilities, this all in the charming environs of the Low Tatra Mountains. It is at 4 km distance from the Nemecka roadside restaurant. The capacity of the boarding house is ca. 50 beds. |

Safe parking during the boating trips on the Hron
Our holiday-makers are provided with free parking in front of and behind the roadside restaurant. The parking lot is monitored by camera systems. A safe lock-up is available to bikers and cyclists; it is surveilled by cameras, too.

Boats and equipment


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